3 Big Preparation Tips For Learning Faster and Better

3 Big Preparation Tips For Learning Faster and Better

Preparation results in faster and better learning. As you know, if you attempt to learn anything with a negative attitude, it becomes more difficult and challenging. With that in mind, here are some tips for you to prepare your mind for learning. You can use these tips to improve your learning ability and lessen the time required to absorb knowledge.

Rest and relax before learning

Get enough sleep every night. This not only helps you study, but it also helps you function better throughout the entire day.

Make sure you are relaxed and stress-free before studying anything. Otherwise, every other stress-provoking thought will emerge during the learning process and make it difficult. Of course, don’t rely on alcohol or any other method of relaxing as that can be counterproductive when attempting to absorb knowledge.

Set goals and challenge yourself

When committing to learn something, don’t just set up one general goal such as to “learn French.” Break up your goal into smaller goals and you can even plan breaks accordingly. This results in a higher quality of learning and ensures you to absorb more information in a shorter period of time.

When setting goals, challenge yourself and try your best. We often underestimate ourselves and we don’t expect much. If you set a challenging goal, you will put in more effort and you will feel more confident about your learning ability once you achieve it.

Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back every time you reach a goal in order to keep your motivation up.  

Be persistent

One method which is very effective for people who find it hard to start learning is to say “I will do my best to learn what I can only for 10 minutes.” The first few minutes of any activity are the most challenging ones. It takes time to adjust to the activity and get into the mood for doing it.

Learning requires focus and effort so straight off the bat tell yourself you are going to be persistent and that learning will get more comfortable and your thought-flow will be better. When learning anything, the first few minutes are a challenge, but persist through it and you’ll get into the groove!

Preparation is key when it comes to learning. To sum up the ideal setup for faster and better learning, you should make sufficient time, maintain a positive attitude and you should be well rested and energized. Any other technique aims at boost these three primary pillars of learning.


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