5 Tips For Faster Learning You Can Use Immediately

5 Tips For Faster Learning You Can Use Immediately

There are many long-term methods and practices you can exercise to make faster learning a more natural process for your brain. That is only natural to expect, but what are some methods you can use immediately for faster learning?

Learn in bursts

Do you know why a typical class length is around the 45-minute mark? If the class session is too short, it is not enough to absorb the material studied. On the other hand, if it’s too long, your brain is exposed to too much information to absorb at once.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t study more than 50 minutes at once, but rather that you should take breaks between sessions to allow your brain to absorb the matter it has just been exposed to.

Write notes, preferably by hand

Whilst studying, be it reading or listening to a podcast or a lesson, be sure to write down notes in your own way to understand them better. Additionally, the method of writing down notes can also influence how your absorb information. Although writing by hand can take more time than writing down notes via keyboard, that time allows your mind to process the words better and absorb the knowledge.

Note, however, that this theory requires testing. Some people tend to easily absorb information just by reading through it. For such individuals, writing down notes by hand can seem like a waste of time since the same result is achieved for them.

Take enough time to rest

This doesn’t only refer to making sure you get enough sleep at night, but also in taking power naps between studying sessions. Firstly, try your best to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep in order to achieve optimal results. Second, power naps between studies allow your brain to absorb knowledge better and also to keep you well-rested.

If anything, resting between studying sessions can allow you to have a clearer mind in order to absorb information better.

Adjust your focus when learning

We all have different ways of learning which fit us better over others. This particular one could allow you to absorb knowledge better by switching between technical and non-technical subjects.

Additionally, you can adjust your focus in more ways than one. Firstly, there is the technical vs non-technical approach. But you can also change your focus to subjects which you prefer or dislike. Another approach is adjusting the focus to the form of knowledge delivery. This can vary based on visual or auditory content.

Experiment with different methods

Find the method that suits you in particular. Some people find it easier to listen to an audiobook. They can visualize content through hearing very easily. Others, on the other hand, have a very short attention span and could never pull off relying fully on sound alone to learn.

As you saw, writing down notes works for some and it appears as a waste of time for others. Be sure to experiment and find which method fits your own learning style.

Do you have a learning style in particular that helps you to absorb knowledge faster?


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